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The Mindful Minute

'The Mindful Minute' was developed to improve our individual overall mental health and wellbeing and support those around us who may be suffering a mental health crisis. The focus is to provide educational awareness, resources relevant to mental wellness, and information on when and how to seek support if needed. I hope “The Mindful Minute” will continue to promote mental wellness to all.  

Previous Issues

Issue 4


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Brittany Panda

Mental Health and Disabilities Manager | 980.240.8488

Mental health is a passion of mine. My role with AC4Ed is supporting mental health and wellbeing for our staff, parents and families. I’m excited to share my experiences working with people of all ages to improve their mental state as well as reduce misconceptions and stigma surrounding mental health.  read more

Mental Health Consultant Spotlight



Joining Alliance Center for Education for the 2023-2024 school year asa Mental Health Consultant has been a rewarding experience.


Each center has the opportunity to support many young children as they enter into the educational world. Being able to understand the whole child is important to their overall development and school experience. Consulting with a team that share the same values in supporting the students aligns with my personal and professional goals and I am honored to work alongside the team."


What does mental health mean to Tiffany?

"Mental health is emotional balance and the whole person, both inside and out. Mental health drives our thoughts, feelings, and actions. It determines how we interact with others as well as ourselves. Mental health to me means being curious about yourself; why you are who you are, why you make the decisions that you make and why certain things may affect you in different ways. Mental health is digging deeper, breaking cycles and developing new ways to manage your life in a way that helps you to feel balanced and whole."


   Maintaining your mental health  


Your mental health is important and essential to everyday life. Having a positive well-being enables you to function at your best, cope with stressors, and make meaningful connections with others. Consider developing a wellness toolkit that will help in maintaining your mental wellness.


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"My name is Tiffany Patterson and I am the owner of Patterson Counseling Service, Inc founded in 2016. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker licensed to practice in North Carolina, South Carolina and Delaware. I provide individual therapy to children and adults, both in person and virtually. My focus as a clinician is to meet the individuals that I work with where they are.


The therapeutic relationship is very important to me. Much of the work that I do involves trauma and building a safe and comfortable environment is essential when working through trauma history. As a clinician, I also provide consultation services.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

If additional support and resources are needed, please contact EAP at 1-800-633-3353

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