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A Welcome Back Message to All Staff
From CEO, Jared Keaton 

Welcome back! 


I sincerely hope you have enjoyed your summer! I pray that it was filled with opportunities to rest and enjoy your families. It seems like it was yesterday that we were hanging out at Carowinds back in June. 


Last school year we focused on adding more resources for children, families and staff. We helped the students make great strides in their development in the first full “post pandemic” school year. We saw a sharp decrease in turnover with the addition of some great new team members and the continued dedication of our legacy staff. 


As we look ahead to the 23/24 school year, we have exciting challenges ahead. We are working on opening up two new locations in the Matthews and Archdale communities. Our Teen program has returned to the beautiful facility at Avondale Presbyterian. The Leadership Team has been hard at work revising our policies and capturing our practices and plans, and we hope this will help us put our collective ideas into action.  


We will be introducing opportunities for you to engage in helping create the AC4Ed of the future. We will also be talking with each other about the results of our hard work as we go along to celebrate progress and generate momentum to identify and tackle our challenges.  


I’m excited to see everyone at St. Johns Baptist! We look to fellowship and get reacquainted before we begin to lock in and launch a new school year.  


Have a great weekend and we’ll see you Monday! 

Jared Keaton, CEO

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