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Early Childhood Education

Children are curious learners from the moment they are born. It is their job to explore and remember every touch, taste, smell, sight and sound they experience! It is our job to give them a safe environment to explore and build strong neurological pathways to support their future learning.

Services for Children birth to 5-years old

This is the foundation that our comprehensive services for children and their families is built on, and what has made us the area’s largest provider of educational services for children birth to 5 years old.

All of our Early Childhood Education services fall under four program areas:

  • Home visitation program for children ages 0-2 and soon-to-be moms

  • Center-based care for infants, toddlers and preschoolers

  • Early Head Start

  • Head Start

Our focus on early childhood development and learning uses evidence-based curriculum and frequent learning assessments. This allows us to customize both the child’s curriculum and the teacher’s style of instruction to provide the highest quality teaching and instructional support for your child. Our positive approach to learning, emphasis on relationships, and teacher/ student interactions is just one reason we have become Charlotte’s largest provider of Early Childhood Education Services.

Other services provided under our four program areas will include family education on nutrition care and safety, physical and emotional health and disabilities and special needs support.

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Early Childhood Education Center Locations

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