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AC4Ed provides a dynamic continuum of services to support your child’s transition from their pre-Kindergarten learning experiences into their K-12 school years. These Out of School Time (OST) programs are available both during the academic year and summertime.

Why are quality OST programs important?
A recent study found that students who participate in quality afterschool and expanded learning programs attend class more regularly, achieve higher grades, and report fewer incidents of juvenile crime and other high-risk behaviors, compared to students who were routinely unsupervised during afterschool hours.


Our data indicates that over the past five years 100% of our OST students have graduated from high school on time. By comparison, over the past few years, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools have reported a decreasing high school graduation rate with only 88% of high school students graduating on time.

Our OST program offered to rising Kindergarteners – 12th graders during the school year and over the summer:





Kindergarten – 5th grade AC4Ed OST
Keep children engaged as lifetime learners by exploring the fun in math, art, science, music, nutrition, and much more in learn at play activities in the afternoon hours. Our OST educational professionals keep schoolwork on track with homework help and tutoring. Children love stretching out after a day behind a desk so we have great physical fitness activities, special events, arts and crafts, and field trips to keep students coming back year after year!

6th grade – 12th grade OST – AC4Ed Teen Leadership Cooperative
Our OST program for students entering their teens is a social learning environment, designed to help each individual learn and apply critical thinking skills that will serve them for a lifetime. In addition to tutoring and homework assistance, OST educational professionals mentor our AC4Ed students in personal development and character education, how to set goals, manage time, plan for a good financial future, recognize the advantages and disadvantages of different types of career opportunities, and consider college options and college tours. Guest speakers, field trips, special events, and exploration in arts, music and nutrition sciences provide for a balanced educational experience!

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K-12th Grade Out of School Time Programs (OST)

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